10 Quirky Facts You Never Knew About Coffee

Goat Discovery: Coffee was discovered by goats! According to legend, Ethiopian goats first discovered the energizing effects of coffee beans.

Coffee Origins: Coffee originated in Ethiopia and then spread to the Arabian Peninsula, where it became a popular drink in the 15th century.

Coffee Houses: The first coffee houses, known as qahveh khaneh, appeared in the Middle East in the 16th century.

Coffee as Currency: In some African cultures, coffee beans were once used as currency. They were valuable commodities and were even used in trade and as a form of payment.

Espresso Speed: An espresso shot contains about 75 mg of caffeine, which is absorbed by your body in just 10 minutes.

Coffee and Cats: In Japan, there are cafés where you can enjoy your coffee while surrounded by friendly cats.

Coffee and Space: Astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) can enjoy coffee thanks to specially designed espresso machines that work in zero gravity.

Coffee Art: Latte art, which involves creating designs or patterns on the surface of espresso-based drinks, has become a popular trend in coffee culture.

Coffee and the Law: In the past, coffee has been the subject of legal debates. In the 16th century, some European rulers tried to ban coffeehouses.