1: Indulge in a hearty kale Caesar salad with homemade croutons and parmesan crisps.

2: Savor a refreshing watermelon gazpacho paired with a tangy feta cheese and mint salad.

3: Try a unique blend of roasted butternut squash soup with a zesty apple pecan salad.

4: Experience the flavors of a creamy tomato bisque with a grilled shrimp and avocado salad.

5: Delight in a spicy coconut curry soup served alongside a mango avocado salsa salad.

6: Enjoy a light cucumber dill soup with a cucumber watermelon salad for a cool summer treat.

7: Treat yourself to a rich lobster bisque soup paired with a crisp citrus arugula salad.

8: Try a velvety mushroom bisque with a savory fig and goat cheese salad for a luxurious meal.

9: Satisfy your cravings with a classic French onion soup and a warm goat cheese and pear salad.

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