1: "Galaxy Nails: Get an out-of-this-world look with swirling blues, purples, and sparkly glitter."

2: "Moon Phases: Show off the different lunar phases with black, white, and silver polish."

3: "Sunset Ombre: Blend warm shades of orange, pink, and yellow for a stunning sunset effect."

4: "Constellation Nails: Mimic the starry night sky with tiny dots and lines in gold and silver."

5: "Milky Way Manicure: Create a cosmic design with swirls of blue, white, and silver."

6: "Starry Night: Recreate Van Gogh's famous painting with deep blues, yellows, and whites."

7: "Aurora Borealis: Capture the beauty of the northern lights with shimmery greens, purples, and blues."

8: "Celestial Sparkle: Add a touch of magic with holographic glitter and metallic accents."

9: "Space Odyssey: Embrace the unknown with dark shades of black, navy, and deep purple."

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