1: "Starry Night" - Transform your nails into a beautiful galaxy with shimmering stars and swirls.

2: "Moonlit Magic" - Embrace the moon's mysterious beauty with shades of silver and sparkling accents.

3: "Sunburst Sparkle" - Add a touch of sunshine to your manicure with bright yellow hues and glitter.

4: "Galactic Glamour" - Channel the cosmos with deep blues, purples, and hints of metallic for a celestial look.

5: "Meteor Shower" - Create a dazzling effect with streaks of silver and gold reminiscent of shooting stars.

6: "Nebula Nails" - Unleash your inner artist with swirls of vibrant colors inspired by the vastness of space.

7: "Aurora Borealis" - Capture the beauty of the northern lights with iridescent shades and swirling patterns.

8: "Constellation Chic" - Spell out your zodiac sign or create your own star map with tiny dots and lines.

9: "Celestial Dream" - Combine all elements for a cosmic masterpiece that will leave you starry-eyed.

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