1: Eiffel Tower Nail Art - Show off your love for Paris with chic metallic designs.

2: Taj Mahal Nail Art - Embrace elegance with intricate white and gold patterns.

3: Great Wall of China Nail Art - Paint the beauty of China on your fingertips with bold colors.

4: Statue of Liberty Nail Art - Channel your patriotism with iconic green and copper hues.

5: Sydney Opera House Nail Art - Create a mesmerizing sea-inspired look with blue and white waves.

6: Colosseum Nail Art - Stand out with ancient Roman-inspired designs in rich shades.

7: Big Ben Nail Art - Keep it classy with black and gold clock tower-inspired nails.

8: Pyramids of Giza Nail Art - Shine bright with golden triangular patterns reminiscent of Egypt.

9: Christ the Redeemer Nail Art - Showcase your faith with vibrant Brazilian-inspired nail designs.

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