1: Eiffel Tower Nails - Elevate your manicure with metallic accents and intricate designs inspired by the iconic Parisian landmark.

2: Taj Mahal Tips - Channel the beauty of India's Taj Mahal with shimmering white and gold nail art fit for royalty.

3: Egyptian Pyramid Polish - Pay homage to ancient Egypt with geometric patterns and bold colors reminiscent of the majestic pyramids.

4: Big Ben Mani - Capture the essence of London's Big Ben with a sleek and sophisticated nail design featuring clocks and classic British motifs.

5: Statue of Liberty Style - Show off your patriotism with a Statue of Liberty-inspired nail art showcasing torches, crowns, and the American flag.

6: Sydney Opera House Nails - Get creative with bright colors and abstract shapes inspired by Australia's Sydney Opera House.

7: Great Wall of China Nails - Add a touch of history to your manicure with nail art inspired by the Great Wall of China's distinctive bricks and architectural details.

8: Colosseum Cuticles - Channel the spirit of ancient Rome with Roman numerals, gladiator helmets, and colosseum-themed nail art.

9: Mount Rushmore Manicure - Honor America's presidents with nail designs featuring detailed portraits of the iconic Mount Rushmore landmark.

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