The 10 Weirdest Foods Ever Available In A Can

Canned Cheeseburger: Yes, you read that right. There have been canned cheeseburgers, complete with bun, patty, cheese, and condiments, all sealed in a can for convenience.

Canned Whole Chicken: Some canned foods go beyond simple meats and include entire birds, such as a whole chicken canned with broth.

Canned Rattlesnake: For the adventurous eater, canned rattlesnake meat has been available, typically prepared and canned in a way that makes it safe to eat.

Canned Scorpions: In certain parts of the world, you can find canned scorpions, often prepared in a way that makes them crunchy and edible.

Canned Squirrel: While it might sound unusual to some, canned squirrel meat has been a preserved food option in some regions.

Canned Silkworm Pupae: In Asian countries like Korea, canned silkworm pupae, a delicacy known as beondegi, can be found in convenience stores.

Canned Haggis: Haggis, a traditional Scottish dish made from sheep's organs, spices, and oats, has been canned for those looking for a convenient way to enjoy this unique food.

Canned Surströmming: Surströmming is a fermented Baltic sea herring that has a strong odor. It has been canned and is considered a delicacy in Sweden.

Canned Pork Brains: Some regions have canned pork brains as a food option, although it's not commonly found in mainstream grocery stores.