The 11 best-looking buttes in America

Monument Valley Buttes (Arizona and Utah): The iconic red sandstone buttes in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park are some of the most recognizable natural formations.

Spider Rock (Arizona): Located in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Spider Rock is a towering sandstone spire that rises dramatically from the canyon floor.

Shiprock (New Mexico): Shiprock is a volcanic rock formation that stands out prominently in the desert landscape of northwestern New Mexico, revered by the Navajo people.

Chimney Rock (Colorado): Chimney Rock is a distinctive geological formation in southwestern Colorado, known for its twin spires that rise dramatically from the surrounding terrain.

Castle Rock (Kansas): Castle Rock is a natural landmark in Gove County, Kansas, featuring chalk formations that resemble a medieval castle.

Butte at Garden of the Gods (Colorado): The red rock formations at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs include impressive buttes that attract visitors from around the world.

Courthouse and Jail Rocks (Nebraska): These twin buttes are located near Bridgeport, Nebraska, and are named for their resemblance to a courthouse and jail.

Elephant Butte (New Mexico): Located near Truth or Consequences, Elephant Butte is a distinctive rock formation rising from the shores of a reservoir.

Mitten Buttes (Utah): Found in Monument Valley, the Mitten Buttes are named for their resemblance to a pair of mittens, adding to the stunning scenery of the area.